Saturday, April 14, 2012

Willamette River-related posts now to be at the Speaking for the River blog

I've recently created a new blog to showcase my book, Speaking for the River. Fittingly, this new blog is called Speaking for the River, and can be found at I will henceforth be featuring on this site all of my posts that relate to Willamette River pollution, and to water pollution more generally; I will reserve the Historical Threads blog for other history-related topics.

Speaking for the River will also serve as a complement to the book. Depending upon how reviewers and the staff at the press ask me to revise the manuscript, there likely will be opportunities to feature some material on Speaking for the River that didn't "make the cut" for the book—such as:
  • Extended or annotated bibliographies
  • More expansive biographies of key people
  • In-the-weeds details on certain events or locations
Depending upon how the book is reviewed, I may also have the opportunity to write an article or two for academic journals; if this does happen, I'll keep you posted at

Over the coming weeks and months will also be migrating all of my water pollution-related posts on Historical Threads over to With the amount of incomplete and inaccurate information out there regarding the water pollution story in the Willamette Valley, I'm looking forward to creating a site dedicated to the topic; I'm looking forward to your comments over there as well!



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