Friday, August 27, 2010

The way things used to appear

Wow. This is great.

I've long known, albeit only in outline, that statues, frescoes, and architecture in ancient Greece and Rome, and in Medieval Europe, were originally painted in vibrant colors. The examples of these works that we now see, weathered, in some instances, more than 2,500 years, lack these vibrant colors, and appear to us as bare stone, bronze, or cement. The link above will take you to a project to view these works of art and architecture as closely to their original creators' intent than has previously been possible. From the link above:
    The findings of this research completley changes the commonly held modern ideas of the ancient world, and the way we view modern sculpture and art today . . . it is a wonder how it took us as long as it did to realize the colorful truth behind some of Man's oldest artistic relics.


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