Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vintage Roadside t-shirts

Pixieland t-shirt design, Vintage Roadside

About a year ago now I bought a t-shirt with the design above from Vintage Roadside t-shirts. I ran in to their booth at a Crafty Wonderland sale in the basement of the Doug Fir here in Portland. I ran in to the two proprietors of Vintage Roadside again back in April at the American Society for Environmental History / National Council on Public History 2010 conference held here in Portland.

Vintage Roadside produce a number of classic roadside advertisements on very high-quality t-shirts for a reasonable price, and they donate some of their proceeds to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. I highly recommend their products.

Pixieland in Lincoln City closed before we moved to Oregon in 1978, so I never went there. I do recall driving by the Pixie Kitchen restaurant, however. You'll find other great images of Pixieland and Pixie Kitchen here and here.

On a somewhat related note, I also recall driving by Lil' Sambo's restaurant in Lincoln City. I think we even ate there once or twice. As I've remembered this restaurant over the past few years, thought that it was related to the Lil' Black Sambo's chain of restaurants that used to exist. After reading this, this, and this, it doesn't appear to be a direct connection between the two. Nonetheless, it seems a bit insensitive for a business to continue to use such racially pejorative names -- not that doing so is unique, by any means.


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