Thursday, January 14, 2010

Learn to Speak Teabag

Haha! This is funny:

Of course it's over-simplified and left-leaning, but not without it's grain of truth:

. . . check out this one as well:

(Hmmmm . . . maybe the cartoon is not an oversimplification, after all?)

Here's the apology from NPR for hosting the cartoon in the opinion section of their site.

What do you all think of the NPR Ombudsman's take on this issue, in response to people who criticized the cartoon?



  1. James: Is that you standing behind the woman who is speaking? :-) Sure resembles you!

    I can't stand Barney Frank, and thought he was beyond rude when I heard his final comment on the news. As usual, however, that was the about the only thing they reported. This clip is much more informative and I understand his point. :-)

  2. That guy back there in the far left does look a bit like me -- I would never wear a shirt like that, however, so you know it's not me!

    Yeah, the correlation that that woman was trying to make is WAAAAAYYYYYY out of line, to a point where it seems to me entirely warranted to question her sanity. I'm surprised that any American politician confronted her insane remark with such a clear and direct smack-down!

    As an aside, I actually like Barney Frank a lot -- he's definitely on my side of the political spectrum, and I also have a lot of respect for him being open about his sexual preferences (again, not something that many American politicians do -- see, for example, Larry Craig and Eliot Spitzer).

  3. I started to argue that I don't base my support or respect on a person's sexual preferences, but I guess I sometimes do... when a person's sexual preferences include children, I have no respect for them. Sometimes historians are too young to remember news from past decades.

  4. Pedophiles are definitely not cool. For sure.