Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bamboozling in its purest form

Wow . . . almost unbelievable.

After you visit this link, you're likely to have a similar range of thoughts.

It astounds me that there are people and groups out there who peddle such blatant lies, given that anyone with an Internet connection can do 15 minutes of research to expose them. Either they're stupid, they're betting that we're stupid, or they're just pandering to knee-jerk conservatives who won't question the commercial when it comes across their screens between segments of American Idol.*

This part of the link is my favorite:

If they're [the No on 66/67 gang] so concerned with creating jobs in Oregon, why didn't they film the spot in Oregon?

The answer, of course, is that the "the No on 66/67 gang" doesn't actually care at all about jobs & small business vitality in this state -- they're only blowing smoke to cover for large corporations.

* Maybe all three.


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