Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Entreaty for the New Year

I posted this on Facebook, but not all of us are on Facebook . . .

For all of us who have ever "shared" politically-themed links, or forwarded them via email, there is this timely reminder that we might be full of shit (Plus, see the Errol Morris Op-Doc link I posted not long ago [here]). May our resolutions for the New Year include endeavoring to attempt to try to strive to be less credulous, particularly when our egos & ideologies are involved!



  1. Perhaps your best post to date! :-)

    I love the Op-Doc link. Everyone doing, or purporting to have done, historical research at any level should watch it.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, that Op-Doc segment is great, and I'll likely post about it separately in the coming days.