Sunday, October 23, 2011

Craft brews at WalMart (and somewhat related news)

Laura Gunderson reported in the Oct. 21, 2011, Oregonian that "Former Walmart exec says the retailer plans on more craft beers."

First organic food, and now craft beer: It seems as though social pressures & gradual societal changes are incrementally influencing the ubiquitous behemoth that is WalMart.

This is good news, but does this mean that those of us who purposely avoid WalMart should start shopping there? Do these kinds of changes make-up for their lamentable relationship with organized labor?

Gunderson's article also mentions that 7-Eleven has contracted with City Brewery of La Crosse, Wisconsin, to produce a 7-Eleven house brew. I haven't had it yet, but it certainly seems an interesting idea.

On a somewhat related note, I just poked around the Internet a bit and found that the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company of Palo Alto, California, contract-brews beer for both Trader Joe's and Costco. I've tried and enjoyed the Trader Joe's-labeled beers, but haven't had the Costco beers yet.


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