Saturday, August 27, 2011

When the un-repressed play the "I'm being repressed!" card

Jon Stewart had a great show on a few weeks ago that provides yet another example of a group with plenty of political, economic, and social power trying to play the "I'm being repressed!" card:

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It seems even in the nearly-meaningless world of sports that representatives of certain groups who most certainly are not being repressed in the U.S. -- but who seem to have a deep-seated need to try to convince people otherwise -- are playing this card.

This is ridiculous. Here's an historically accurate representation of real repressive violence inherent in the system:


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  1. I LOVE how Jon Stewart is able to point out the contradictions in the arguments by conservatives. My favorite is the recent one when Megyn Kelly from Fox News returns from maternity leave and defends the Family Medical Leave Act as a "hallmark of a civilized society", when previously she referred to it as just another entitlement. It's posted on my FB wall if you didn't see it.