Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Willamette River Forum 2011

The City of Portland Office of Health Working Rivers is holding its River Forum 2011 the evening of January 18. The purpose of this forum is:
    The City of Portland wants your ideas about the future of the city and the Willamette over the next 25 years.
    Do we now--or will we--have a vibrant commercial waterfront in the Central City? What should we be doing with our riverbanks to make them more hospitable to native species? How easy is it to get down to or on to the River? What sets us apart as a River town? What's working or not working, river-wise?
    We'd like to get your answers to these questions -- or hear what other questions or ideas you have.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend because I'll be teaching my class that evening, but I did respond to their online survey and will keep abreast of these developments & other opportunities to participate.


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