Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carronade Beach

Watch the full episode. See more History Detectives.

I was recently reminded of something really neat and fascinating: the Feb., 2008, discovery of two carronades from the U.S.S. Shark at Arch Cape (near Cannon Beach), Oregon. The History Detectives episode above provides an overview of this discovery, and the initial research that went in to determining whether or not the discovery related to the Shark. Greg Shine, who is featured in the History Detectives episode, wrote an article on the life & times of the U.S.S. Shark: ""A Gallant Little Schooner": The U.S. Schooner Shark and the Oregon Country, 1846," Oregon Historical Quarterly 109:4 (Winter 2008), 536-565.

The Oregon Parks & Recreation Department also has a page on this topic: "Arch Cannon Updates."

Also: Nancy Burke, "USS Shark opens portal to the past, Oregonian, Aug. 17, 2008.


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