Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogs of Note: H2ONCoast

I recently stumbled upon a great resource: H2ONCoast, a blog about "Water, Climate and Community on Oregon’s North Coast."

From the blog's "about" page:
    Twenty-first century Homo sapiens have built dams, laws, ditches, dikes, treatment plants, industries, and agencies to manage our water. Yet it all comes down to a few simple facts with water–we can’t live without it, we have to keep it clean, and we have to understand its cycle on the planet. This blog is mostly about water in a wet place. The North Coast of Oregon is a place balanced between the Coast Range to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. On the north, it is bordered by the mighty Columbia River and in the South by the Siletz River. It is a landscape that is blessed by a super-abundance of water during the fall, winter and spring, and can be as dry as a bone in the summer. What you can expect from this blog:
    1. Research-based facts. I am in the business of bringing the best of the academy to the people of the North Coast and Oregon. Expect some social and biophysical science.
    2. Opinion. This site takes its cue from the blogosphere, which is quite opinionated. I will, however, always try to back up my opinions with facts. Note that these are my opinions and not always those of my employer, Oregon State University or Sea Grant Extension. If you have a beef with something you read here, contact me.
    3. News. Water hits the headlines regularly. Expect to see entries culled from common and uncommon news sources.
    4. Other perspectives. Water is both a global and local concern. Expect to see things related to water around the region, continent, and globe. There are usually lessons to be learned in these examples.


  1. Should it not be a concern when the 3/4 of the living space is water and most of it is being contaminated.There is also not much hope that the pollution levels are going to get under control.

  2. Thank you, spambot from NYC Air Conditioning & Vent Cleaning!

    I don't agree with you that there's not much hope; historical analysis already shows that some kinds of pollution levels have gotten more under control.

  3. I am native American. Careful about dis' n witches and vampires....
    we would be intolerant if we were intolerant of intolerance. ...