Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Noteworthy Blog: "Musing on Beaver Creek Marsh"

Michael W. Davis recently posted a comment on my blog post "Commercial fisheries bycatch mortality rates." He's a retired aquatic biologist living in southern Lincoln County, OR. I clicked through his profile page to find the blog that he and his wife Jackie have created and an article he wrote on the fisheries issue.

I'm bringing Michael & Jackie's blog to my readers' attention as the first installment of my "Noteworthy Blog" series, and as a way to keep this blog on my own radar.

In perusing his blog, "Musing on Beaver Creek Marsh," I see quite a number of links of interest to various topics relevant to the central Oregon coast. People who are interested specifically in the environment, cultural history, and natural history of this region will find many relevant links. As the sub-title of the blog states, blog posts themselves are the authors' "Observations of life on Beaver Creek Marsh . . . including art, wildlife, history, natural science, and other spontaneous topics."


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