Thursday, April 29, 2010

Columbia Slough resources

Back in December 2009, I took a bike trek along a portion of Columbia Slough. In this post I wanted to provide references to some resources about the history of development and restoration efforts in the watershed to serve as a repository in my continued work on the Willamette River pollution book. I welcome other references in the comments.

Lawrence Barber, Columbia Slough (Portland, Oreg., Columbia Slough Development Corporation, Oct. 1977).

Center for Columbia River History Columbia Slough Community History Exhibit.

City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services resource page on the Columbia Slough watershed.

Columbia Slough Watershed Council web page.

"Columbia Slough," [surprisingly thorough].

Lewis & Clark College Environmental Studies Program, Situated Research: Columbia Slough Research Site.

Ellen Stroud, “Troubled Waters in Ecotopia: Environmental Racism in Portland, Oregon,” Radical History Review 74 (1999).



  1. May I suggest that you also add "Vanport" by Manly Maben, OHS Press. It's a very good guide to the history of the catastrophic 1948 flood that wiped out Oregon's second largest city- squeezed betweenthe Slough and the Columbia. Also the home of Vanport College which became PSU

  2. Thanks, Anonymous.

    Manly Maben, Vanport, Portland: Oregon Historical Society Press, 1987.

    Here's a fascinating project that I discovered by running a quick search on Maben's book: Vanport City Google Earth GIS Project, Oct. 2008. However, I tried to find the Vanport map using Google Maps Google Earth plug-in and couldn't find it after about 15 minutes of searching.

    Here's the Vanport entry from Quintard Taylor's

    Here's the Vanport page on Rootsweb (with digital images from Maben's book -- most likely a copyright infringement!!).