Monday, January 18, 2010

The Value of Nothing with Raj Patel

Raj Patel was on KUOW's Weekday program recently, speaking about his new book, The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy.

Raj Patel argues that we need to change our current economic system and find new ways of assigning value to the world's resources.

Among the things he discussed was the idea of the commons. One of his arguments is that there is strong evidence of effective communal management of resources, disproving the contention of Garrett Hardin and other economists that there are only two possible ways to avoid "the tragedy of the commons": the preferred "free" market system and the reprehensible government regulation & oversight.

Patel also discusses food systems & regional agriculture models, such as food policy councils.

Raj Patel's blog.


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