Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Museum of the City

The Oregonian today featured Chet Orloff's Museum of the City project:

The Museum of the City will be on the Internet. The project, with international backing, will create a Web site that visitors will enter through a "lobby" leading to the museum's "wings" and "galleries" then to exhibits, the number of which could be infinite.

But unlike a traditional museum, Orloff says amateurs will be welcome. Along the same lines as the Web resource Wikipedia, anyone anywhere will be able to submit an exhibit to the Museum of the City, and if the professional curators approve, it will join the collection, and the author will become an assistant curator.

"I have this belief," Orloff said, "that the more people know about the place where they live, generally the better they can take care of it. I have another belief that the better we understand how our communities work, the better informed we're going to be and, theoretically, the better citizens we'll be."

This is an intriguing project, in-line with the goals of making history more accessible and making the generation of historical narratives more democratic.


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