Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fringe Conservatism

David Greenberg discusses in Slate.com the phenomenon of far right-wing conservatism [italics mine]:

But when we're caught in the throes of our own contentious moment, it hardly seems possible to separate the political need to fight irrationalism and zealotry from the psycho-sociological project of distilling the motives of extremists. It's natural, even necessary, to try to make sense of a movement that appears--to many of us, at any rate--delusional. But the most that history, or historians, can do is what [Richard] Hofstadter did in the first half of the "Paranoid Style": point to the many antecedents of today's right-wing fantasies and, by putting them in historical context, making them more comprehensible and perhaps less fearsome.


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