Friday, November 6, 2009

The Inagural Post

I resisted this for a while now but after thinking about it for a few months I finally convinced myself last night that I needed to birth a blog.

I am inspired, in part, by Eric Rauchway's answer to the question "Why Blog?" on the fun and lively Edge of the American West. Back in October 2007, Eric wrote, in part, that a blog can help one remember the jewels of one's reading, research, and late-night surfing.

He also suggested that blogging can be a way to join the conversation, and this is a goal I can get behind. We'll find out, I suppose, the extent to which mine is a voice that does more than add to the white noise that's already out there in InternetLand.

I am also inspired by a deep resistance to joining Facebook, in spite of the flurry of auto-generated emails from the Frankenstein Facebook accounts of my friends, and friends' friends, and former-ex-husband's-sister's-second-cousin's-childhood-companion -- that wacky, intrusive little Facebook, isn't it just so cuuuuute?!?!

As far as guidance for the purpose and content of my newborn baby blog, the blurb under the title says it all. I cribbed the fancy Latin phrase from Geoff Wexler, fellow member of the Northwest History Network who designed our logo, featured upper right.

Full speed ahead!


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